Are you planning some analysis using the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI)? If you have never used the IDI before, this course is for you.

IDI is a complex data environment and new users can struggle to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to get started. This course will familiarise participants with IDI structure, show how to extract and store data, and demonstrate some of the common pitfalls to look out for when undertaking analysis in IDI. The second day of the course will feature a walkthrough of a simple IDI analysis.

This course is a practical computer-based course using synthetic IDI data that was constructed specifically for the course.

By the end of this course, participants should have the skills to

  • find what they are looking for within the IDI environment
  • undertake a basic data analysis with IDI data
  • recognise some of the common pitfalls in IDI data analysis

We recommend that new IDI users also complete the theory-based course “VHIN Introduction to the IDI for health research” alongside this practical course.

This course is under development. Please check back for updates.