The Network has broad membership across the health sector including from academia and from various health institutions. As of January 2017 the VHIN had more than 100 members. It is free to join and publicly funded health researchers including those working for universities, government agencies, and non-governmental organisations are eligible to join. If you are interested joining, and will be able to actively contribute to and benefit from the discussions; please request membership through the Facebook page below.

Request to join through Facebook here (note: you will need to first have a Facebook account of your own to request membership).

How can the VHIN help me?

The VHIN enables you to access learnings, information and source code that have already been developed by others using the SNZ IDI. As a VHIN member you can post queries on the Facebook group to connect with other IDI users and find the information you need. The Facebook group highlights upcoming workshops and events, and newly available resources. Insights from other IDI users can help you to do more with your allocated resources and improve the quality of your work.

How can I contribute?

Just as you can benefit from other’s experiences and contributions to the VHIN we expect VHIN members to contribute and help others by sharing code (eg in the IDI wiki), sharing learnings, answering queries from others on the Facebook group, and sharing links to workshops and information that other VHIN members may find helpful. If there is a topic you would like to see covered on the VHIN website then please email us about it at –

See the VHIN Charter for more information.