The VHIN Executive group currently comprises:

  • June Atkinson, University of Otago
  • Laura Cleary, Ministry of Health
  • Associate Professor Gabrielle Davie, University of Otago
  • Professor Jeroen Douwes, Massey University
  • Caleb Stone, Statistics New Zealand
  • Niva Jose, Statistics New Zealand
  • Joshua Hrstich, Ministry of Health
  • Craig Wright, Social Wellbeing Agency
  • Associate Professor Barry Milne, University of Auckland
  • Professor Colin Simpson, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Andrew Sporle, University of Auckland (Māori)
  • Tom Elliott, University of Auckland
  • Brad Drayton, University of Auckland
  • Lukas Marek, University of Canterbury
  • Lisa Meehan, Auckland University of Technology


  • Dr Andrea Teng, University of Otago (lead researcher on VHIN funded by Healthier Lives NSC)
  • Dr Sheree Gibb, Otago and Ministry (previously appointed to lead VHIN Catalyst projects)
  • Martin von Randow (administrative support)