Stats NZ has published a user guide for their new Population Explorer tables that are available within the IDI.

This user guide outlines the Population Explorer Datamart from the perspective of a user seeking to understand what tables have been built, why, and how they are to be used.

Separate documentation explains the build process and the software behind the front end prototype.  This document focuses on the tables in the Datamart.

The Population Explorer is being developed by Stats NZ as part of the Integrated Data Infrastructure 2 project.   IDI 2 includes four workstreams:

  • Access pathways
  • Information layers and confidentialisation solution
  • Fundamental redesign
  • Scalable infrastructure in the cloud

The Population Explorer is the main deliverable under the “Information layers and confidentialisation solution” part of the work programme.  Development work began in September 2017 and a releasable product is scheduled to be available (although not necessarily deployed) by December 2017. A target date of late April has been set to deploy the first iteration of the Datamart to all IDI users in the secure Data Lab environment.

The user guide can be viewed here.