The Healthier Lives National Science Challenge (NSC HL) and the Health Promotion Agency (HPA) have contributed to funding the core infrastructure of the Virtual Health Information Network. The overall aim is to facilitate sharing and collaboration amongst network members in order to enhance health research outputs and improve health service delivery and health outcomes in New Zealand, in line with the VHIN charter. Work to develop VHIN infrastructure sits alongside the NSC HL Capitalising on Health Data Project and is part of the Health Inequalities Research Programme, University of Otago, Wellington.


  1. Maintain, foster and contribute to user forum discussions on the website and share information about health research being done in the IDI
  2. Maintain publically accessible repositories of metadata and analytical code from previous health research in the SNZ IDI for example on Meetadata and the IDI Wiki
  3. Present on health research opportunities in the SNZ IDI, available metadata and code, including showcasing the VHIN and IDI at conferences/meetings
  4. Provide advice to researchers considering new projects using SNZ IDI data

Please visit the website for more information on Healthier Lives National Science Challenge.

Host: University of Otago

Sponsors: Health Promotion Agency and Healthier Lives National Science Challenge

Contact: Dr Andrea Teng, email